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WANO president visits CGN to seek enhanced exchanges

Source: 发布时间: 2018/12/04


CGN president He Yu received Jacques Regaldo, president of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), on Dec 3 to discuss how to ramp up cooperation between the two sides and expedite the construction of the WANO-Shanghai Center. 

Regaldo spoke highly of CGN for its active participation in WANO activities and contributions as an association member.

WANO is now working on its fifth regional center in Shanghai, which is expected to put the spotlight on nuclear development in Asia and help Asian members play a bigger role in the association.

CGN will continue to support the project, said He, who hopes the association will formulate appropriate construction plans for the WANO-Shanghai Center to the benefit of all parties.

In recent years, WANO has prompted the global nuclear power industry to improve its safety levels and carried out a number of reforms on its management and organization, producing remarkable results.

He also appreciated Regaldo and WANO’s continued support for CGN, which has led to improvements in the operational safety and management level of the company’s new units.

The two also discussed how WANO can forge a formal partnership with the China Nuclear Energy Association and conduct joint reviews on nuclear power plants.