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Macao youth visit Taishan Nuclear Power Base

Source: 发布时间: 2019/06/03


A delegation of 75 Macao government officials and youth representatives visited Taishan Nuclear Power Base on June 2 to learn more about nuclear power, nuclear safety culture and the world’s first EPR reactor.

The delegation members toured the nuclear science popularization exhibition hall, classrooms for full-scope simulator training, and the nuclear power plant (NPP). They were debriefed on the principals of nuclear power generation, NPP safety protection, operator training, and advanced Generation-III EPR nuclear technology.

Exchanges were also held on nuclear safety supervision, nuclear waste treatment, nuclear emergency responses and other issues.

Beyond that, the youth representatives attended training sessions on anti-human-error tools and were impressed by the rigorous work culture at the nuclear power base.

They were taught that the safety of a NPP not only lies in having reliable equipment, but also in the regulation of human behavior and working methods.

Doubts about nuclear power were addressed and their understanding of nuclear power became more scientific as their visit came to an end. The delegates were assured of the craftsmanship of the industry and were confident in China’s development into a nuclear giant.

Since its construction, Taishan Nuclear Power Base has been committed to involving the public. To date, it has received more than 30,000 visitors, of whom nearly 200 were from Macao. It is the fourth time that the nuclear power base has received a Macao delegation.