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First Grid Connection of Unit 5 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station

Source: 发布时间: 2021/06/25


At 12:35 on June 25, Unit 5 of Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station was connected to the grid for power generation for the first time, with one time success. During the first grid-connected generation, all equipment parameters of this unit are normal and the state control is good. This indicates that Unit 5 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant has power generation capacity and takes a key step towards the goal of commercial operation. At that time, the number of nuclear power units in operation of CGN will reach 25.

    Four units of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Phase I have been fully put into operation in 2016. As the first nuclear power station and the largest energy investment project in Northeast China, by the end of 2020, Hongyanhe Nuclear Power had an accumulated on-grid energy of 157.2 billion KWh of clean energy, which is equivalent to reducing the consumption of standard coal by about 48.03 million tons, reducing carbon dioxide emission by about 132 million tons, and the reduced emission is equivalent to the absorption of 353,700 hectares of forest. Hongyanhe Nuclear Power plays an active role in revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China and adjusting the energy structure in Northeast China. It has great significance to implement the goal of Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality.