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Corporate Social Responsibility

CGN Power is committed to promoting economic development, environmental improvement and social progress through development of clean energy. At the same time, CGN Power is constantly on the alert for new opportunities and growth points with a view to strengthening its market competitiveness.



Focus on people to achieve collaborative development, build a staff team to align with our corporate objectives
Considering the technology-intensive nature of nuclear power operations, our ability to attract and retain highly-qualified professionals will be key to our success. We have established a “People First” strategy that emphasizes the significance of talent that will serve as a driving force for enterprise growth. In an effort to build a collaborative, efficient, responsible and professional team, we promote a culture of “pursuing enterprise, innovation and excellence” and promoting values with an emphasis on honesty, transparency, professionalism, execution and teamwork. We plan to continuously strengthen our occupational health management and implement a staff support program. We intend to build a compensation and incentive scheme that aligns rewards with employee contributions and encourages them to create greater value. We will continue to improve our career planning and training programs to enhance our employees’ overall qualifications, proficiency, morale, initiatives and creativity to improve overall development. We will also endeavor to integrate staff development into our overall business plan and align their career development with our sustainable development in order to truly realize collaborative development.

Fulfill our corporate social responsibilities to achieve collaborative development with society
In an effort to promote harmony with the communities and achieve collaborative development, we intend to vigorously fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, contribute to public welfare and raise our social brand awareness by continuing our efforts in the following major aspects: 1、cultivating a harmonious relationship with neighboring communities by improving the environment, providing job opportunities and stimulating local economies; 2、 strengthening communication with the public, including maintaining timely, transparent and open disclosures of nuclear power operations and safety, encouraging public supervision, enhancing the public’s scientific literacy and confidence in nuclear power and establishing a cordial relationship with the public; 3、supporting public welfare through philanthropy and charity to alleviate poverty, promote education, encourage technological development and provide natural disaster relief.