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The first DCS Cyber Security Protection System for CGN Nuclear Power Plant “FirmGuard” is put into use

Source: 发布时间: 2021/03/09


Recently, the first set of Nuclear Power Cyber Security Protection System “FirmGuard”, independently developed by CGN, was officially put into use in Unit 5 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station. “FirmGuard” can provide further cyber security guarantee for nuclear power DCS, and its application will greatly improve the cyber security protection ability of DCS for nuclear power unit.

Representatives from Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., CGN Shanghai Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and China Techenergy Co., Ltd.  jointly witnessed the signing and delivery of DCS Cyber Security Protection System for Unit 5 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant.

 “FirmGuard” is a series of cyber security protection products independently developed by Shanghai Engineering Science &Technology Co., Ltd. and China Techenergy Co.,Ltd., both of which are subsidiaries of CGN.  This series of products can meet the level-2, level-3, and level-4 safety protection requirements of nuclear power plant’s DCS system. It can provide a complete cyber security protection solution for the nuclear power plant's ‘Nerve Center’ - nuclear power DCS system, including FirmSys system, and industrial control systems in other industries.

Over the past four years, the project R&D team has been devoting themselves to research and innovate technologies, taking the “One-center, Three-protection” as their design core, integrating active defense, precise protection, situation awareness and other key technical means, adopting a variety of security measures, such as “Security Area Division, Distributed Protection, Centralized Control”, to establish a complete set of DCS system for security defense.

As an important achievement of CGN independent cyber security research, “FirmGuard” was selected as a model case of digital transformation of state-owned enterprises in 2020 on February 8, 2021, which has good promotion and reference significance in many industries and fields.