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Science and Technology R&D

To enhance our competitiveness and growth, we focus on the research and development of technologies that improve nuclear power plant performance. Our specialized R&D organizations, CNPRI and Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute, and four national R&D centers are a platform for developing nuclear reactor technologies. As of June 30, 2014, we had over 1,600 R&D employees focused on the development of new types of nuclear reactors and other improvements in nuclear power technology. We have developed and implemented several key technologies that have improved the safety and economics of our nuclear power generating units, facilitating our expansion into the domestic and international markets and strengthening our long-term growth.

• Innovation based on technology R&D: Our self-reliant research and development have followed the guiding principles of “Introduction, Digestion, Assimilation and Innovation.” Building on PWR technology imported from France, we and the CGN Group have jointly made a series of technical improvements and developed the CPR1000 technology (an upgraded second-generation nuclear power technology) and the ACPR1000 technology (which has the principal technological and safety features of third-generation nuclear power technology). Our research and development efforts have improved domestic manufacturing of nuclear power equipment and enhanced our competitiveness as a result.

• Improving operating performance through key technology R&D: Through continuous technical improvements, we focus on addressing major technical problems related to operations, extending refueling cycle length, shortening the time required for refueling and repairs and reducing waste discharge and environmental impact, thereby continuously improving the safety, reliability and economics of our nuclear power generating units. We have developed a series of technologies, such as probability safety assessment technology, guidelines for severe accident management, long-cycle refueling technology, capacity enhancement technology and an advanced nuclear fuel transport and storage system, which have enabled us to improve production safety and operating performance of our nuclear power stations.

• Business expansion through research and development of new types of reactors: We are building an open R&D platform and our capability which would facilitate our expansion into the international nuclear technology market. We have been actively involved in the CGN Group and CNNC’s joint research and development of Hualong I, a third-generation nuclear power technology. We have also focused on the research and design of Small Modular Reactors. We believe that our cutting-edge R&D will help us develop new business opportunities and maintain our competitiveness.