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Site Statement

Please read carefully all the clauses in this statement before you use this website. Once you use this website, you have to unconditionally accept this statement and you should observe this statement and relative laws.

The copyright owner of this website is China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Corporation Limited (hereafter referred to as “CGNPC”).  

The Origins and Copyright of Website Content   

1. Without specification, the intellectual property right of all the contents on the website belong to CGNPC, whether they are trademark, design, texts, images or other information,.

2.The phrase “all rights reserved” marked on the website is a copyright statement of CGNPC with regard to all the proprietary items on the website, such as the logo, design concept and structure of the website and all the contents and images designed, written and prepared independently by the website.

3. The CGNPC website service covers all the texts, pictures and diagrams and other information provided by CGNPC. All contents are protected by the relative laws as mentioned above.

Citation of the Website Content

1. If you comply with the copyright law and CGNPC statement about this website, you may browse and download the contents of this website. Any use for commercial purpose (such as transmitting, converting, renting, demonstrating, disseminating, publishing by means of copying, downloading, storing, hard copy or electronic extraction system, or spreading the content in any manner, or creating derivative products related to the content) must obtain the written permission from CGNPC and must indicate that the origins and copyright belong to CGNPC. This website reserves all the rights to take legal actions and prosecute those who violate relevant national laws and regulations and those who use the website content without indicating the origins and without respect to the website statement and without permission from the website.

2. If you want to use the website content provided by other organizations or commercial institutions, you should directly contact relevant copyright owner. Any matter or any legal responsibility thus involved has nothing to do with this website.

3. Any person or organization who is permitted to reproduce and disseminate the website content should also observe the following conditions:

(1) Any extraction or citation should convey the original meaning.

(1) Any extraction or citation should indicate its origin, i.e.



CGNPC website makes it clear that it does not take any responsibility for any direct, indirect, additional, subsequent or special losses that have occurred after you have logged in or used this website, including any damage to your computer caused by viruses or any losses caused by the use of the information from this website.

Though trying to ensure the correctness and timeliness of all information on the website, CGNPC cannot guarantee that all information is completely accurate and up-to-date. CGNPC does not make any commitment to the accuracy, adequacy and actuality of the website information, and does not take any responsibility for the delay, error and omission of information. All the information and data on the website is provided to you in its original status without any expression or implication.