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Unit 5 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station reaches criticality for the first time

Source: 发布时间: 2021/06/13


In the early morning of June 13, the nuclear reactor of Unit 5 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station reached the critical state for the first time, marking that this Unit officially entered the power operation state, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent turbine turning, grid connection and commercial operation of this Unit.

On the morning of June 12, the Northeast Nuclear and Radiation Safety Supervision Station of the Ministry of Ecological Environment released the hold-point for critical operation, and Unit 5 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station began to perform the critical work of the reactor. The critical operation lasted 15.7 hours, and a series of work such as control rod lifting, manual reactor trip test and boron concentration dilution were completed, finally, the reactor core reached the critical state by lifting R rod (reactor temperature control rod). In the process of reaching the critical point, the operational team and the engineering team strictly practiced the work style of Strict Compliance, Prudent Decision-makingDetail-oriented and Fact-based Approach, and cooperated efficiently and vigorously to ensure the smooth progress of the whole operation of reaching the critical point.

As an important increment of clean energy put into operation by CGN this year, the commissioning and commercial operation of Unit 5 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station coincides with an important time of that the 100th Anniversary of The Founding of the Communist Party of China and the opening year of the 14th Five Year Plan. To this end, the Party Committee of Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. held a 100-day Mobilization Meeting for the high-quality operation of Unit 5 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station on April 29 to further gather consensus, mobilize forces and concentrate resources, and go all out to promote the implementation of various measures in the final stage of the operation and power generation of Unit 5 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station.