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CGN Power won two Capital Market Awards

Source: 发布时间: 2022/04/08


Recently, the list of relevant awards in China's Capital Market was announced one after another. CGN Power won two awards, including the Fifth New Fortune Best IR (Investor Relations) Hong Kong-listed Company (A + H shares) and the “Special Contribution Award for Corporate Governance” of the 17th Chinese Listed Companies Board of Directors  “Golden Round Table Award” .

For benchmarking with the well-performing companiestoidentifyour deficiencies, CGN Power took the initiative to participate in the two Capital Market Award activities of “New Fortune” and “Golden Round Table Award” in China for the first time at the end of 2021. With years of work precipitation and continuous innovation in corporate governance, information disclosure, investor communication and other aspects, CGN Power has been recognized by all parties in the market and review institutions, and won the New Fortune Best IR (Investor Relations) Hong Kong-listed Company (A + H shares). The “Golden Round Table Award” set up the “Special Contribution Award for Corporate Governance”to select listed companies that have made outstanding contributions to green development, Party building, ESG, rural revitalization and anti epidemic. CGN Power adheres to the concept of “Natural Energy Powering Nature ” and always integrates the concept of sustainable development and ESG into enterprise decision-making and daily operation, fully understands and responds to the expectations and needs of various stakeholders for the corporation based on nuclear power safety and stable operation, the corporation's ESG related performance has been recognized by shareholders, society and other stakeholders over the years,and finally won the “Special Contribution Award for Corporate Governance” of the “Golden Round Table Award” .

Subsequently, the Companys IR Team will continue to carry out information disclosure in accordance with regulations, strengthen effective communication with the capital market, actively participate in the selection of important awards, actively convey the companys steady operation, good environmental contribution and corporate governance, maintain the good brand image in the capital market and create good conditions for the companys market value management.

News link: the “New Fortune” series of awards are sponsored by New Fortune, which is managed by the Information Center of Guangdong Provincial Press and Publication Bureau and Shenzhen Panorama Network Co., Ltd, the List Selection is one of the most authoritative selections in China's capital market and highly recognized by the capital market and all sectors of society.

The “Golden Round Table Award” is sponsored by the Board of Directors of Phoenix Publishing and Media Group and co-sponsored by Listed Companies Associations in various provinces and cities in China, it is a Public welfare Brand Award focusing on the field of corporate governance and the construction of board system, and has a extensive influence. At present, the Award has become an important benchmark for evaluating the governance level of Listed Companies in China.