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Zhejiang san ao Nuclear Power Project:Polar crane of unit 2 was lifted to place

Source: 发布时间: 2023/09/22


At 18:06 on September 22, 2023, after a series of lifting procedures including pre-lifting inspection, sling hanging, hook connecting, trial lifting, and rotating, the second end beam of the polar crane for Unit 2 of Zhejiang San'ao Nuclear Power Project Phase I was successfully put in place.

The main construction work of the polar crane has been basically completed, laying a solid foundation for subsequent installation of reactor building dome and main equipment, marking the start of installation activities for nuclear island.of Unit 2 in full swing.

The lifting and installation of the polar crane includes the lifting of electrical beams, non-electrical beams, end beams, and trolleys. The heaviest electrical beam has a total weight of approximately 210 tons, a total length of 42.28 meters, a net width of 2.33 meters, and a height of 3.71 meters.

The project team completed the lifting and installation of the polar crane successfully, by having applied experience and good practice absorbed from previous construction of polar cranes, optimized construction logic and core procedures, and overcome difficulties such as heavy assembly workload and heavily overlapping tasks in erection and installation.

San’ao Nuclear Power Project plans to build 6 gigawatt-level nuclear power units. It is the first nuclear power project in Zhejiang Province to adopt Hualong One (HPR1000), China’s home-grown Generation-III nuclear power technology with full proprietary intellectual property rights. Unit 2 of the San’ao Nuclear Power Project officially started construction on December 30, 2021. It is the first nuclear power unit in Zhejiang Province to start construction during the “14th Five-Year Plan”. Upon completion of all six units of the San’ao Nuclear Power Project, the annual electricity output is expected to reach 52.5 Twh, which will help reduce standard coal consumption by 15.88 million tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 43.68 million tons every year.