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CGNP is honored with the ESG  best practice case for listed companies in 2023 by China Association for public Companies

Source: 发布时间: 2023/11/18


On November 16, China Association for Public Companies (hereafter referred to as CAPCO) issued the ESG Best Practice Cases for Listed Companies in 2023. The case submitted by CGN Power Co., Ltd. (stock code: 003816.SZ, stock abbreviation: CGNP) was successfully selected.

The ESG best practice cases for listed companies are the ones selected by an ESG expert panel organized by CAPCO to promote the sustainable development of listed companies, facilitate the quality of listed companies, and help listed companies to actively fulfill their corporate missions and social responsibilities.

Adhering to the win-win cooperation concept, CGNP has established a sophisticated supplier management system, actively empowering the suppliers, promoting experience exchanges and resource sharing, creating mutual beneficial and win-win partnerships, thus working together to facilitate the prosperous development of nuclear power industry. The selected case is Empowering Supply Chain Development and Realizing Win-Win Industrial Chain.

The company vision is Developing Clean Energy to Benefit Mankind. CGN actively responds to the demand of global energy transformation, is committed to the development and construction of clean energy industries, promotes the optimization and upgrading of the energy structure of the project sites, and strives to build an international industrial chain ecosystem, so as to turn the company vision into reality with practical actions. In addition, CGN has long adhered to the environmental management concept of symbiosis, mutualism and regeneration, with natural energy powering nature. CGN organically integrates environmental management with energy project operation, and is committing itself to achieve safety, economic and environmental indicators simultaneously. In the future, CGN will continue to take Developing Clean Energy to Benefit Mankindas its responsibility, promote the green transformation of global energy and build a community with a shared future for mankind for sustainable development.