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CGN holds 2024 media briefing

Source: 发布时间: 2024/01/25


On January 24, China General Nuclear Power Corporation held its 2024 media briefing simultaneously in Beijing and Shenzhen, systematically disclosing the high-quality development in production and operation, safety management, technological innovation, and support for rural revitalization last year. Li Li, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of China General Nuclear Power Corporation, attended the meeting. More than 50 mainstream media outlets, including Peoples Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and CCTV, attended and reported on the conference.

Annual grid offtake was 333.8TWh, and nearly 80% of the WANO indicators reached the worlds advanced level

At the conference, Li Li reported to the media on the high-quality development of CGN in 2023. In 2023, CGN achieved a total of 333.8TWh grid offtake, with an increase of 23.4TWh compared to the previous year. The on-grid electricity generated from clean energy is equivalent to consumption of more than 100 million tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by over 260 million tons, and achieving environmental benefits equivalent to planting 751,000 hectares of forest. This has made contribution to the implementation of the national carbon peak and neutralitystrategy and the global response to climate change. 

CGN Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base

As the main force in Chinas clean energy development, CGN adheres to featuring nuclear energy and vigorously develops clean energy such as nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, energy storage, and etc. The installed capacity of clean energy in operation and under construction has exceeded 100GWh.Li Li said that CGNs 27 operating nuclear power units have maintained safe and stable operation, and nearly 80% of the WANO (World Association of Nuclear Power Operators) indicators have reached the worlds advanced level, with the composite index of 15 units reaching full marks. With four more nuclear power units, including CGN Ningde Phase II and Taipingling Phase II, were approved by the nation in 2023, CGN is currently constructing 11 nuclear power units, all of which adopt Chinas third-generation nuclear power technology HPR1000with independent intellectual property rights.

As the first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant in Chinas mainland, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant has maintained safe and stable operation for 30 years since its commercial operation in 1994. Ouyang Wu, chief accountant of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co., Ltd., stated that as of the end of 2023, the cumulative grid offtake of the six units at Daya Bay Base reached 939.1TWh, 310.4GWh of which has been transmitted to Hong Kong, providing a continuous supply of clean electricity to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. As of January 24, 2024, Unit 1 of Ling Ao Nuclear Power Plant has been operating steadily for 6,301 consecutive days, continuously breaking the longest operation record of the same unit type in the world.

In 2023, Yangjiang Nuclear Power won the 20th China Quality Award, becoming the third organization of CGN to get this award. Yang Jianbing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, General Manager, and spokesperson of Yangjiang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., stated that in 2023, the on-grid electricity of Yangjiang Nuclear Power surpassed 50TWh for the first time, and all six units achieved full marks in the WANO composite index, with an average capacity factor of 94.8%, setting the best record since the commercial operation.

CGN Guangdong Yangjiang nuclear power base

The first HPR1000 reactor in western China was put into operation and mass construction of HPR1000 units is in steady progress

The first HPR1000nuclear power unit in western China Unit 3 of CGN Guangxi Fangchenggang NPP

On March 25, 2023, the first HPR1000nuclear power unit in western China CGN Guangxi Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 was officially put into operation, driving more than 5,400 upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to achieve the localization of over 400 pieces of key equipment. Hou Yousheng, General Manager and spokesperson of Guangxi Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., stated that the first cycle capacity factor of Unit 3 of Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant reached 98.2%, setting the best record for third-generation reactors in China. Unit 4 of Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant has completed important milestones such as cold and hot functional tests, and is moving towards the goal of nuclear fuel loading. It is planned to go into commercial operation in the first half of this year.

With the operation of Unit 3 of Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant, the FirmSyshas been applied for the first time to HPR1000, verifying the good integration of Chinas third-generation nuclear power technology and the advanced nuclear power I&C equipment. Li Minggang, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai CGN Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., stated that the FirmSys, CGNs independent nuclear-grade DCS platform, has been applied to 23 nuclear power units in China. The localization and autonomy of the nerve centerof nuclear power plants have saved nearly 10 billion yuan in funds for construction, operation and maintenance of Chinas nuclear power projects. As the DCS equipment supplier for the worlds first 4th generation nuclear power plant - Shidao Bay High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Nuclear Power Plant, China Techenergy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai CGN Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., has independently supplied products such as nuclear power plant protection systems, non- safety level digital instrumentation and control systems, and virtual control systems. 

Nuclear-grade digital instrumentation and control system - FirmSys

So far, CGN has a total of 11 HPR1000nuclear power units under construction, distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places, and mass construction is steadily advancing. Unit 1 of Guangdong Taipingling Nuclear Power Project has completed the cold functional test, Unit 6 of Guangdong Lufeng Nuclear Power Project officially started construction in August 2023, and Unit 2 of Zhejiang Sanao Nuclear Power Project successfully completed dome lifting in September 2023.

Chinalargest wind power base is put into operation and more than 600 new energy projects exist home and abroad

CGN Huizhou 1000MW Offshore Wind Power Project

With more than a decade of green developmentin domestic new energy, CGN now has a total installed capacity exceeding 45GW. Chen Shengli, Assistant General Manager and spokesperson of CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., stated that in 2023, the new installed capacity of new energy in China exceeded 10GW, and the annual grid offtake exceeded 73TWh, with a year-on-year increase of 22%. The number of utilization hours of wind and solar power was more than 5% higher than the industry average.

Chen Shengli stated that CGN New Energy is fully promoting the construction of major projects. The CGN Hinggan League 3,000MW wind power project put into operation in 2023 becomes the biggest operating onshore wind power base in China; the completed and operating CGN Huizhou Port 1,000MW offshore wind power project becomes the first 1,000MW level offshore wind power project in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area; the CGN Yantai Zhaoyuan 4,000MW offshore photovoltaic project under construction is the first large-scale nearshore pile-foundation fixed offshore photovoltaic project in China.

CGN TN Wind Power Project in Brazil

CGN actively implements the initiative of jointly building the Belt and Roadand  provides continuous and steady clean power for 15 countries and regions, including Malaysia, France, Brazil, and South Korea. Zhang Chaoqun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Director, and President of CGN Energy International Holdings Co., Ltd., stated that in 2023, the installed capacity of CGNs overseas holdings was 13,630MW, and the cumulative grid offtake for the year reached 46,275GWh, leading the state-owned power enterprises. In 2023, the TN 1,800MW wind power project in Brazil was put into operation, providing clean electricity to 320,000 local households.Zhang Chaoqun said that the project has also successfully brought Chinas wind turbine industry chain into the new energy market in Brazil, taking 24 upstream and downstream Chinese enterprises in the industry chain to go globalalong with it.

Ramp up technological innovation efforts and steadily promote construction of the Three Centers

CGN strives to meet the major needs of the country and the development needs of the Corporation, accelerates high-level technological self-reliance, and maintains sustained and stable growth in research and development investment.

China Southern Atomic Energy Science and Technology Innovation Center

Li Li stated that CGN fully integrates into the nations regional innovation layout, promotes the construction of regional innovation centers with high quality, gathers superior scientific research forces, and makes efforts to create original technology sources. China Southern Atomic Energy Science and Technology Innovation Center focuses on nuclear energy technological innovation, and the one headquarters with three basesstructure has basically taken shape; Yangtze River Delta Technology Innovation Center for Emerging Industries focuses on the research and development of key technologies in emerging industries such as nuclear technology and digitalization, and is orderly promoting various construction tasks; CGN actively plans the construction of the Northern Center with technological innovation of new energy as its core.

Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute Co., Ltd. and five subsidiary companies of CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co., Ltd. were successfully selected into the fifth batch of little giantenterprises (specialized and sophisticated SMEs that produce novel and unique products) in 2023. China Techenergy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CGN, has gotten on the List of World-class Demonstration Enterprises and Specialized and Sophisticated Demonstration SMEs That Produce Noval and Unique Products developed by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, becoming one of the 200 demonstration enterprises in China to create world-class specialized and sophisticated SMEs that produce novel and unique products. In the 24th China Patent Award selection, CGN won one China Patent Gold Award and five China Patent Excellence Awards.

Donate nearly 80 million yuan in the whole year and get the highest evaluation for five consecutive years

CGN has always adhered to the concept of building a project, boosting the local economy, and benefiting the local people. In 2023, it pushed ahead the designated assistance work by central departments and organizations in Lingyun and Leye of Guangxi Province, actively carried out rural revitalization work in provinces and regions such as Guangdong, Fujian, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia. For five consecutive years, it has received the highest evaluation of goodin the assessment of designated assistance work by central departments and organizations.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Project of Mulberry Silkworm Industrial Park in Lingyun County, Guangxi

In 2023, CGN donated nearly 80 million yuan to support the earthquake relief efforts in Gansu and Qinghai provinces, and continuously supported rural revitalization. It included gratis investments of 28.4 million yuan in designated assisting counties and effectively implemented 15 assistance projects such as the wastewater treatment of Mulberry Silkworm Industrial Park in Lingyun County. CGN fully leverages the role of Leye wind power project in connecting farmers and increasing their incomes, and 63 villages received a dividend of 9.15 million yuan. The good practice of Guangxi Baise electron-beam agricultural product freshness preservation project was rated as the worlds best poverty reduction case after being selected as a typical case of national rural revitalization.

In terms of overseas responsibilities, CGN has implemented the Sokongan Didikan Edra in Malaysia for 17 consecutive years, benefiting a total of 30,000 children and 2,400 impoverished families; it has held industrial tourism activities in wind farms in Assac and Normandy, France and etc. for 6 consecutive years; it promotes poverty reduction and alleviation in the northeast of Brazil, and provides long-term assistance to the Curitiba Gladiator Disabled Rugby Team; it continuously supports local enterprises in Namibia, with local procurement accounting for over 50% of the total amount, making great efforts to benefit local society. CGN has established long-term partnerships with 15 universities worldwide, including the University of Versailles in France and the University of Namibia, to promote local talent development through internship programs and graduate programs. CGNs overseas projects have been promoting localized recruitment for a long time, providing over 6,000 job opportunities in Africa, Europe, South America, and other regions.