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10th Anniversary of Commercial Operation of Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant! Its annual grid offtake exceeded 50 billion kilowatt-hours for the first time

Source: 发布时间: 2024/03/25



CGN Guangdong Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary of commercial operation

As a signature project

For the large scale, serialized and standardizeddevelopment of Chinas nuclear power

Since March 25, 2014 when Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant welcomed the commercial operation

Of its first unit

An accumulative grid offtake of 338.586 billion kilowatt-hours has been generated

In 2023, it has become the first domestic nuclear power plant

With the annual grid offtake exceeding 50 billion kilowatt-hours

The WANO composite indexes of six units have reached full marks

For the sustainable development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Provide steady green power

Example in innovation-driven nuclear power with a continuously increasing localization rat

Six units of Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant have been fully completed and operating at high-level performance. It is an important outcome that CGN promotes the self-reliant technology route development of nuclear power.Mr. Zhao Fuming, Party Committee Secretary &Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yangjiang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., stated that as a nuclear power plant with the highest number of units approved for construction at one time in our country, the six units constructed in Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant are an typical samples of the high-quality development of Chinas nuclear power technology route, laying a solid foundation for the research and development of HPR1000, a Generation-III nuclear power technology with Chinas independent intellectual property rights.

With technological innovations as the driver, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. continuously promotes the self-reliance level and localization level of critical materials and core technologies. The equipment localization rate of Unit 1 is 75% and that of Units 5&6 is up to 85%, stated by Mr. Zhao Fuming. Since the commencement of construction, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. has achieved major breakthroughs in multiple links including plant design, equipment localization, construction technology innovation and unit commissioning, etc., and also has developed a high-quality industrialized team consisting of tens of thousands of nuclear power construction professionals. This has facilitated the overall upgrading of nuclear power industry.

WANO composite indexes of six units achieve full marks and grid offtake breaks new records for many times

Since the commercial operation of Unit 1 on March 25, 2014, all six units of Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant have been put into commercial operation in a pace of one unit per year, and been improved continuously and steadily in operation performance. It has won many honors, such as Top 20 Projects for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC, National Gold Medal for High Quality Projects, National Quality Award, and so on.

In 2023, the average capability factor of Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant reached 94.8%, creating the best record since the commercial operation of all units. 82% of the WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators) indicators of the whole plant reached the worlds advanced levels, and the WANO composite indexes of six units reached full marks, with a leading position in the industry. Mr. Zhao Fuming said, these critical performance indicators are important indicators used to measure the safety, reliability and unit efficiency of a nuclear power plant. Also, driving by operational excellence, we summarize and improve the fleet management model to stimulate new dynamics of operation safety. In recent years, Production Command Center and Outage Management Center have been put into service successively, and the first full-process physical operation platform for nuclear power fleet management in the country has been completed.

In 2023, the grid offtake of Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant reached 50.033 billion kilowatt-hours, accounting for 12.3% of the annual grid offtake of nuclear power in China. It is the highest power generation and grid offtake in China, and the first nuclear power plant in China with annual grid offtake exceeding 50 billion kilowatt-hours.

Undertaking the mission of a central enterprise and sharing the development outcomes

The safe and reliable operation of six units of Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant has further enhanced the environmental protection benefits and made contributions to the delivery of carbon peak and carbon neutralitystrategy. By the end of 2023, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant has achieved a cumulative total of 338.586 billion kilowatt-hours of grid offtake, which is equivalent to reduction of consumption of standard coal by more than 100 million tons and reduction of CO2 emissions by about 279 million tons compared with coal-fired power plants of the same scale. This is equivalent to afforestation of about 761,800 hectares, which can cover 95% of the area of Yangjiang City.

Since its establishment, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, and has gained a good reputation of constructing one power plant, driving the economy of one region, and benefiting the local residents, said by Mr. Zhao Fuming. To drive the local economic and social development, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. has invested more than 200 million RMB to support many infrastructure projects such as Dongping Town Sanhe Highway, full-time fire brigade of Dongping Town, capacity expansion and water quality improvement of water works, and Smart Broadcasting Application Projectof Dongping Town to improve the livelihoods and refresh the landscape of Dongping Town.

In addition, centering on business operation management, infrastructure construction, implementation of livelihood protection and educational assistance, etc., Yangjiang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. has promoted rural revitalization, provided scholarships to more than 3,700 teachers and students, and formed a good situation in which the nuclear power plant and the local community coexist harmoniously and build a win-win situation for the common development, through approaches of assisting in the establishment of village collective enterprises, conducting talent training and employment assistance, and implementing Party Building + Rural Revitalization.