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CGN Power has received rating “A” in the information disclosure assessment for three consecutive years and been elected as best practice case for listed companies in China

Source: 发布时间: 2023/10/28


Recently, Shenzhen Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as SZSE) announced the information disclosure assessment results of listed companies for the year 2022, and CGN Power Co., Ltd. (stock code: 003816, stock abbreviation: CGNP) was awarded rating Ain the information disclosure assessment for the year 2022, which is the third consecutive year since 2020 that CGNP has been awarded the highest rating in the information disclosure assessment by Shenzhen Stock Exchange. CGNP has also become one of the 54 enterprises that have been awarded rating Afor more than three consecutive years among the over 400 A-share listed companies in Shenzhen. In addition, with its transparent information disclosure, CGNP was successfully selected as one of the best practice cases of corporate governance in 2023 by China Association for Public Companies and included in the Report on Corporate Governance for Listed Companies in China.

In recent years, Chinas capital market has been undergoing deepening reform. The market-wide registration system centered on information disclosure is fully implemented. Securities regulation in the Mainland and Hong Kong are keeping intensified and the regulatory policies, regulations and relevant rules of the two places have been amended quite frequently. Whats more in 2023, SZSE revised its information disclosure regulation and evaluation methods in terms of the evaluation index system, evaluation scope, evaluation criteria, evaluation period and many other aspects. The information disclosure evaluation results of SZSE-listed companies are categorized into A, B, C and D four ratings in an descending order, with approximately 17.88% of the listed companies being rated as A.

The achievement of CGNP in this field reflects the full recognition of the regulators and the capital market on the comprehensive performance of CGNP in terms of standardized governance, information disclosure and investment relationship management, etc. Subsequently, CGNP will continue to follow up on the changes in the securities regulatory policies, adhere to compliant and efficient corporate governance, take various measures to ensure the quality of information disclosure, and comprehensively utilize multiple channels to maintain positive interaction with the capital market, so as to meet new regulatory requirements and develop more best practices. Doing all these is to promote the realization of CGNPs value in the capital market on the basis of the companys value creation.