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Containment tightness test begins in Unit 4 of Fangchenggang NPP officially

Source: 发布时间: 2023/11/27


At 19:33 on November 25, 2023, containment tightness test (CTT) officially began in Unit 4 of Fangchenggang NPP, which applies Chinas independently-developed Generation-III nuclear power technology HPR1000.

CTT is an acceptance testto verify the construction quality of containment, involving a wide range, multiple departments, complex preparation activities, and high degree of difficulty. To smoothly complete the various preparations for CTT, engineering and production teams established a dedicated task force, which organized many special coordination meetings over more than seven months, ensuring the satisfactory completion of various preparations for CTT and the smooth start of the test.

During the implementation of CTT, the task force will perform containment instrumentation system measurements, topographic survey, containment visual inspection, pressure channel testing, electrical penetration test, sound detection and other relevant tests that are scheduled under various pressure platforms.

The smooth beginning of CTT of Unit 4 of Fangchenggang NPP has laid a solid foundation for its subsequent readiness of fuel load inspection.