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Ningde Nuclear Power Station

Source: 发布时间: 2014/11/18


The first nuclear power unit at our Ningde NPP, located in Fuding City in Fujian Province, began commercial operations on April 15, 2013, making it the first NPP to begin commercial operations in Fujian Province.

On May 4, 2014, Unit 2 of Ningde NPP commenced commercial operation. On Jun 10, 2015, Unit 3 of Ningde NPP commenced commercial operation. On July 21,2016,Unit 4  Ningde NPP commenced commercial operation.

One nuclear power units are currently under construction now. Ningde NPP’s operational and under-construction nuclear power units use CPR1000 technology.

Ningde NPP Phase I is the first one of the domestic nuclear power plants constructed to incorporate the post-Fukushima safety improvements, through which the safety level of the units are further reinforced. Unit 1 had maintained safe and stable operations in its first fuel cycle, with a sound initial performance record. In 2013, out of the nine WANO key performance indicators used as yardsticks for the safe operations level of NPPs, six indicators were on a par with the world top quartile level.