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Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station

Source: 发布时间: 2014/11/18


The first nuclear power unit at our Daya Bay NPP, located at our Daya Bay base in Guangdong Province, began commercial operations on February 1, 1994, making our Daya Bay Station the earliest nuclear power plant to begin commercial operations in the PRC. The station currently has two operating nuclear power units and a total installed capacity of 1,968 MW. Unit 1 at Daya Bay NPP has operated safely for 20 years, since it began operations. According to WANO statistics, many of the operational indicators of Daya Bay NPP meet advanced international standards. Daya Bay NPP’s nuclear power units use M310 technology.

Daya Bay NPP was built in compliance with the guideline of "introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation from a high starting point" and "construction with loans and repayment of loans through electricity sales through the platform of joint venture". Its main structural work commenced on August 7, 1987 and was put into commercial operation on May 6, 1994. Daya Bay NPP is a product of China's reform and opening-up policy as a meaningful attempt at modern enterprise system. The successful construction and operation of Daya Bay NPP initiated the beginning of large commercial NPPs in mainland China, and achieved the goal of leap-frogging development in respect of nuclear power construction in the country. Its execution had been aimed squarely at catching up with the international advanced levels to lay a solid foundation for the subsequent implementation of the nuclear power industry in China in a bid to contribute to the economic prosperity and social development of both Guangdong and Hong Kong.