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Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station

Source: 发布时间: 2016/05/18


The first nuclear power unit at our Yangjiang NPP, located in Yangjiang City in Guangdong Province. As of June 30, 2014, the station had one operating nuclear power unit with an installed capacity of 1,086 MW  and began commercial operations on March 25, 2014.

On Jun.5, 2015, Unit 2 of Yangjiang NPP commenced commercial operation.

On Jan.1, 2016, Unit 3 of Yangjiang NPP commenced commercial operation.

Three nuclear power units that are currently under construction. During the construction of Yangjiang NPP, we use CGN Engineering’s quality control measures to encourage domestic equipment manufacturers to contribute to the localization of equipment manufacturing and procurement. Yangjiang NPP’s units 1-4 use CPR1000 technology and its units 5 and 6 will employ ACPR1000 technology.

Based upon the construction of Yangjiang NPP, we promoted the management of intensification, large-scale and industrialization in the nuclear power development, and rationally allocate the onsite resources for the construction of nuclear fleet through use of the AE mode adapting to the construction and management of large complex projects. We carried out joint research and development and quality coordination measures, etc. to promote the domestic manufacturing enterprises to participate in the equipment localization of the Yangjiang nuclear power base. Key domestic manufacturing enterprises such as Dongfang Electric, Shanghai Electric, CFHI supplied major components for Yangjiang NPP, including steam generators, steam turbine generators and reactor pressure vessels, etc. Meanwhile, we realized localization of key components such as CRDMs, nuclear pumps and valves, by joint research and development with domestic enterprises such as Shanghai No.1 Machine Tool Works, TEBA, Shenyang Blower Works. By joining in the execution of this project, all the contractors have been able to develop a high-quality contingent for the entire value chain of nuclear power construction.