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Ling’ao Nuclear Power Station

Source: 发布时间: 2014/11/18


The first nuclear power unit at our Ling’ao NPP, which is also located at our Daya Bay base, began commercial operations on May 28, 2002. The station currently has two nuclear power units and a total installed capacity of 1,980 MW. Ling’ao Nuclear Power plant’s nuclear power units use M310 technology.

Ling’ao NPP Phase I is the second large commercial nuclear power plant built in Guangdong Province. With reference to Daya Bay NPP and in compliance with international standards, Ling’ao NPP Phase I realized self-reliance capabilities in terms of project management, erection, commissioning and opreation preparation, as well as partial self-reliance in respect of design and localization on equipment manufacture. The construction and operation of Ling’ao NPP Phase I has accumulated invaluable experience in support of the country’s nuclear power development program laying a sound basis for pushing forward self-reliant innovations, the maturing of indigenous 1000MWe-class nuclear power technology, and the comprehensive implementation of self-reliance and localization of 1000MWe-class commercial nuclear power plants in China thereby making significant contributions to relieving the dire power shortage in Guangdong.