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Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station

Source: 发布时间: 2016/05/18


The first nuclear power unit at our Hongyanhe NPP, located in Dalian City in Liaoning Province, began commercial operations on June 6, 2013, making it the first nuclear power plant to be built and begin operations in Northeastern China.

On May 13, 2014, Unit 2 commenced commercial operation. On August 16, 2015, Unit 3 commenced commercial operation.

Two nuclear power units are currently under construction now.

Hongyanhe NPP’s operational and under-construction nuclear power units use CPR1000 technology.

Hongyanhe NPP is one of the largest energy investment projects and the first nuclear power plant in Northeast China, which shows positive significance to optimize the energy mix of Liaoning and northeastern power grids, develop the old industrial base in the Northeast, to promote national nuclear power self-reliance and pushing forward the growth and development of equipment manufacturing enterprises in our country. Since it started construction, Hongyanhe NPP has been built in strict accordance with the applicable national regulations on the policy of "Safety First, Quality Foremost" ensuring it to be a high-quality and excellent project. CGN Engineering is in charge of the engineering construction of the project, CGN Engineering Design leads the engineering design of the project, and the equipment manufacturing is mainly in the charge of domestic enterprises.